15th February. Gettin back to working in the garden.

The weather has improved a lot and thoughts have turned to getting back to work in the garden. The hard frost and snow of the winter has done some damage to plants, particularly some of the herbs. The thymes and sages were killed, however I have replacement plants in the polytunnel. These will be planted in a new herb bed when the weather gets milder. Yesterday we worked all day in the polytunnel, taking out old plants, digging and manuring for the coming seasons crops. Even on these cold sunny days it is lovely and warm in the polytunnel. Over the coming days we shall start planting seeds. We  raise all our own plants from organic seed and some from seeds we save ourselves. Peas and beans are particularly easy to home save especially if you are only growing one variety of each. For more than one variety plant a taller crop between rows of peas and leave about 150 feet between different varieties of beans. Last year we saved seed from beetroot, peas, beans, kale, pumpkin and lots of flower seeds.

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