Garden work continues.

We are continuing to forge ahead despite the bad weather of the last week. The snow is still there on Sliabh an Iariann (Iron Mountain). It seems like a pleasant dream that we were basking in Spring sunshine only two weeks ago. W e have been doing lots of work in the tunnel recently. Digging and manuring the beds, planting seeds (we use either organic or home saved seeds), potting on seedlings and planning future projects. Yesterday was fairly pleasant here so I managed to do some work outdoors on the cottage garden bed. Weeding, planting, dividing and replanting was all completed. We had some casualties after the bad weather in December/January. Hebes, ceanothus and my favourite penstemon all bit the dust. The new herbaceous border is looking promising. Lots of plants poking their heads up. The shrubs here all seem to have survived. We made this bed in October so this will be its first year. As time goes on any gaps will be filled in. Great excuse to get new plants! Hope the Spring returns to Arigna soon.

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