Peach tree blossom.

Today was a mixed weather day here in Arigna. One minute there were heavy showers, the next it was sunshine. Incredibly dampness in the air. I spent the morning making jam. Plum and blackcurrant from fruit harvested and frozen last summer. We sell our produce at Boyle Farmers Market once a month. For those who wish to learn how to make jam I will be running a jam-making course over the summer months. Later on I hand-pollinated our peach tree which is growing in the polytunnel. As you can see it is covered in blossom so we should have a good harvest this year. We only had 3 peaches last year as I did’nt know about hand-pollinating. Indoor peaches blossom end of March/early April and there are’nt usually any insects to do the pollinating, hence the need for human intervention. Home-grown peaches are so delicious. Nothing like the hard tasteless ones you get in the supermarket. I suppose the fact that they have’nt travelled thousands of miles, been sprayed with poisons etc has something to do that. Our only interventions are pruning and pollination , and it works, naturally.

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