Spring is here, Summer can’t be far behind.


Hillbilly and Amber tomato plants.

Yesterday the first lettuces were planted out. These were first sown in seed trays then transplanted into individual modules when they had their first couple of leaves. Transplanting gives better stronger plants before being placed in the earth.

Salad Bowl Lettuce.

Lots of flowers have been sown and these have all come on well. Sunflowers, cosmos, marigolds and sweet william have all been transplanted. Last year I saw cosmos(picotee) growing in a friends garden and I fell in love with them. I got the seeds at the Organic Centre in Rossinver and am looking forward to their display here this year.

Cosmos seedlings.

Thats all for now, I’m off to open the polytunnel and enjoy the beautiful Spring sunshine.

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  • Very informative post and I kind of agree with you (except on 3 points) on what you said. Keep the good work going. Your writing style is very good and I was able to understand the post clearly even though English is my second language. PS: I have already subscribed to the blog RSS feed.

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