Garden update.

Feels like Summer might be here. Seems like weeks since we had any serious rain. Most of the big tunnel is planted up now. Tomatoes, peppers and aubergines were planted out last week. Also planted out basil and lettuces. Basil was a bit small but it always takes off once its planted out. Dug in lots of farmyard manure so things should really shoot up. Have a comfrey and nettle brew fermenting. that will be used to give everything a weekly feed. If you have access to comfrey and nettles it is very easy to make up. A black dustbin with a lid is ideal. Cut lots of comfrey, as many nettles as you can find and squash them down in the bin. Cover with water and leave for 2 or 3 weeks to break down. It will stink so leave it away from your back door! Nettles are high in nitrogen and comfrey is rich in potash so it is a well balanced food for all plants. Our little kid goat is doing great. She is called Bella. She is still sucking from just one teat which is great as we can have the milk from the other . Hopefully this will continue and everyone will be kept happy.

Andy milking with Bella and Lettie looking on.

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