Planting out.

Cosmos, lettuce and toms ready for planting out.

Planting out has begun in earnest this week. Last week was spent digging and manuring the polytunnel, a little every day. Have planted out 4 varieties of tomatoes: Mexican Midget, Amber, St. Pierre and Hillbilly. Plants were a bit smaller than usual due to late Spring but I think they will take off quickly when planted out. I could’nt be bothered potting them on again whilst the ground lay idle. I have planted them out at this size before and they came on great. Hopefully same will happen this year. Also planted out lettuce (salad bowl), cabbage(Hispi), peppers(too many types to name) and spring onion(Ishikuru). Also direct sowed some oriental salad stuff, choy sum, rocket, mixed lettuce and of course lots of herbs. Outside a wildflower seed mix was sown. Busy days, knackered nights. Love this time of year.

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