All our herbs are doing nicely again after taking a while to recover from the severe weather. We lost our rosemary plant so that has been replaced. In April I moved them all to a new bed. I thought a fresh start with lots of manure would be appreciated . It sure seems to have done the trick. The sages which looked very poorly indeed have produced lots of bushy growth. French Tarragon, which all the gardening books say is tender, survived and is doing excellent. Thymes are flowering at the moment and the bees love it. Chives of course always do well and I’ve been pulling lots of self-seeded ones from the gravel. In the polytunnel the large leaved Italian basil is doing great and I made the first pesto this week. Coriander is huge and I have been making Mojo sauce which I first tasted in Lanzerote. Delicious on everything from salads to boiled potatoes. To make it take half a clove of garlic and blend it with 150ml of cider vinegar, add 200 ml olive oil, quarter teaspoon of cumin, same of salt and a good handful of fresh coriander. Whizz for about 30 seconds. Delicious.

Outdoor herb bed.

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