Planting raspberries.

We have decided to have another go at having raspberries after losing all of them last year. We transplanted them in the spring but they never took off, I think it was the wet year we had last year. Ever optimistic we have decided to try again. We moved all our potted plants and for sale plants to a different spot. This left a vacant spot in the garden. It was clear of weeds as the plants were standing on pallets which had plastic underneath to keep down the weeds. The area was first mulched with a thick layer of newspapers, then a second layer of wilted rushes went on top. I don’t like the look of the newspapers so a second layer always goes on top.

Mulching in progress.

We got two varieties of raspberry, both autumn fruiting, Fallgold and Autumn Bliss. We already have lots of summer fruits to harvest and process. Strawberries have already started and there will be plums, peaches, blackcurrants etc etc. Raspberries in autumn appeal to me very much so fingers crossed.

The finished job.

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