I started by taking the sod (turf) away. The ground below the sod was solid enough, so I did,nt have to pour a concrete foundation. I use concrete blocks  as the support to the frame for the decking. Just make sure the blocks are level horizontally, vertically & diagonally.

Just screw the decking boards to the frame, using proper decking screws. Next step is building the frame for the building.

I used 4×4 inch corner posts, and 3×2 inch boards for strengthening, door frame, window frame, and as the frame for holding the roof. Corrugated tin was the roofing I chose. It was the cheapest option for me. I used shiplap timber boards to panel the walls. Galvanised  2inch felt nails hold on the boards. And, I forgot to say that the roof is screwed down with TEK screws.

The finished shed (dog kennel!). An old door I have had for the last 10 years, lying around, was used for the front door. The window is an old one out of the house. A bit of extra space to store things. Did,nt cost the Earth and only took a couple of days to build.

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