Charlie’s Place.

During the Summer months myself and a couple of friends like to go on garden visits. Two weeks ago we went to visit the home and garden of Charlie Easterfield in the mountains near Manorhamilton. As you drive into the yard you realise this is something different.

The house is wooden and was designed by Charlie. It has a covered verandah on 3 sides which is full with plants, seats, found objects, Charlie’s beautiful sculptures and all sorts of bits an bobs.  This gives the house a very nice welcoming vibe. Charlie does’nt like her picture being published so you won’t see her.The garden surrounds the house. It is a mix of ornamental and productive plants. There is also a small polytunnel.

Charlie’s sculptures are visible throughout the house and garden.

In the spirit of all true gardeners Charlie is very generous with cuttings and plants. I admired an Astrantia and a spade was promptly fetched to dig up a clump of it. Generosity personified.

The small river running at the front of the property has been partially dammed with stones to create a waterfall. The soothing sound of the running water can be heard when in the garden.

The house is open plan and heated by two stoves. Lots of sculptures, sketches and interesting pieces of furniture make this house interesting and inspiring. Charlie’s welcoming and jovial nature are of course the real joy of the place. She is the heart and soul of it all.

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