Fungal Foraging.

Derreen Wood.

Yesterday I attended a Fungal Foraging and Identification day which was organised by Wayne Frankham from Knockvicar Organic Garden. It was a great day for it as it was dry, still and not too warm. After a short talk from mushroom expert Kieran we all headed off to the woods. In an hour and a half we all had full baskets of various mushrooms. Then back to the local hall for identification of the treasure and bowls of Wayne’s delicious mushroom soup.

Are they edible?

The largest fungus in my basket was Piptoporus betilinus (found on birch). To my dissappointment it is not edible. Its common name is Razor-strop Fungus, as in the past it was dried and used for sharpening razors. Edible ones I found were Boletus edulis (Penny Bun) and Lactarius rufus (Rufous Milk-cap).

There were 5 tables full of fungal wonders.

After the identification Kieran fried up about 7 types of mushroom for tasting. Everyones favourite by far was Coprinus comatus (Shaggy Ink Cap). 

So if you go down to the woods today keep an eye on the ground, you never know what you may find. Do however seek expert advice before comsuming anything you are not familiar with!

Maybe mushrooms will be a part of coping with the predicted food shortages of the future??

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