Our new honey extractor!

Here she is, sitting next to Bridgets Mum. Bit big for the suitcase. Had to dismantle her and put the parts in various cases. Got her on our recent trip to Bulgaria, in case you were wondering!.

Safe and sound back in Ireland. Thought we may have a bit of trouble getting her out of Bulgaria and getting her into Ireland. All the Bulgarians did was laugh and try to guess what it was( I told them it was a drum!). Back in Dublin, Bridget just dressed up as a suicide bomber, Sailed straight through customs, no questions asked, SORTED!.

Lid and handle waitin to be re-attatched.

Rebuild complete!. Apart from the legs that is. Could,nt get them in a case, so our friend in Bulgaria (Julie) kindly wrapped em up and sent em by post!.

A few frames with honey. Uncapping the honeycomb.

Spinning and sieving the honey.

Making sure we get every last drop!.

Some jars of ARIGNA NATURAL HONEY!. Tis absolutely gorgeous. We,d like to thank the girls very much for all their hard work in its creation!!.

2 comments to Our new honey extractor!

  • Julie

    Ha love it, seeing Lilly there, and the honey look s fab, completely different color to ours, bet its nice

  • YEAH, the honey is delicious. Tastes a bit citrussy to me!. Gonna take the last frames out to be spun this week. The week is forecast good, nice n sunny!!.

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