Samhain Musings.

Samhain the end and beginning of the Celtic Year. It is a very powerful and mystical time when the veil between the worlds of matter and the unseen spirit world becomes thin. A time of reflection, remembering our ancestors and perhaps the realization that we are the ancestors in waiting. It is also a time to make practical preparations for the Winter ahead. If the indications from nature are right then another hard Winter lies waiting in the wings.

An abundance of berries this year, said to be the sign of a hard Winter.

We did a trip to Tipperary yesterday to bring back a trailer load of hay for our animals for the Winter. This hay was saved by my brother John in the summer. Perhaps little creatures will take shelter in it when the weather turns.

Unloading the hay in the early misty morning.

Many flowers and shrubs are still producing new growth and flowers in the continuing mild spell. We are still picking tomatoes and grapes from the polytunnel.                                                      

Still looking as good as it did all Summer.
Escallonia and Phygelius still flowering.
Dappled shade cast by a low lying sun on an Autumn morning.

It is such a pleasure to go walking at the moment. I try and go for a walk every day. Soon it will be time for indoors, cooking,crafting, planning for the next growing season and enjoying the new landscapes that Winter will bring.

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