And on it goes.

So they are here, the IMF, if you don’t know that by now you must have had your head in a pile of sand all day. Listening to the radio some people seem relieved and think it will begin to be sorted out now. I’m not so optimistic. This situation was created by politicians and their cronies the bankers. What is the IMF? Another pile of bankers. I rest my case!  

Moss on tree stump.

I try and have a walk every day even if I’ve been working outside. I enjoy the observing of nature and the continually changing hedgerows. Seems like there is some new aspect every day.

Spindle berries.

This Spindle is one I grew from seed. This is it’s first year to produce berries. Soon the outer shell will split open to reveal the bright orange seeds within. No worry about colour clashes there!

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