Calm before the storm, polytunnel work ,etc.

Yes, this was taken this morning, 7th November!

As I sit here it is hard to believe that the above pic was taken this morning. It is now(at 16.46) windy, raining and cold out there. We got in a good morning’s work in the polytunnel. All the old pumpkin foliage was composted, last of the tomatoes harvested and the plants taken out. We also

Last of the Summer crops harvested today.

planted some purple sprouting broccoli plants. The last of the grapes were harvested today. They will be used to make a sour dough starter as they are full of natural yeasts.

Cherry Bomb chillies drying in the kitchen.

All the summer lettuces have now gone to seed and been composted. In Winter we grow Oriental greens such as Mizuna, Red Mustard and Choy Sum. These plants were all introduced to Europe by that great English gardener, Joy Larkcom, who incidentally is now living in Cork.

November salad bowl.

We consider ourselves very lucky to be more or less self-sufficient in vegetables now. We also have our own milk from Enid the goat and lots of preserves in the larder. Happy days.

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