Feeding the birds, Weather and Seed collecting.

Went to the co-op on Thursday to buy a bag of peanuts for the visiting birds over the Winter, actually we feed the birds all year. The lady there said that the sale of wild bird foods has gone down considerably this year. I know that many people are financially stretched but for us feeding our feathered friends is a priority. Anyway if you’ve not done it before but can afford a bag of bird food do start feeding the birds.

Teasel and sedum.

Many garden plants are also important food sources for birds. Teasel is a butterfly attractant in Summer and the seed heads (despite their prickles) are much loved by Goldfinches. Many people tidy their gardens at this time of year by cutting everything to ground level. However if left until Spring these areas can provide places for birds to forage. In frosty weather the foliage can keep the area beneath frost free so enabling scrathing areas for the birdies to find worms and insects. Maybe the difference between life and death for them.

Birch trees to North of house.

The weather forecast for the coming week is for frosty nights and sunny days. I love that type of weather as the dry days give an opportunity for outside work and the long cold nights give lots of time for cooking, reading and relaxing indoors. The sunny days are great for taking photographs too.

Dill seed head in fruit bowl.

Collected the last of the seeds from the garden this week. Cosmos, Marigolds, Dill, Beans, Thalictrum, Sunflowers and Nasturtium are all drying before being put in paper bags ready for the next growing season.

4 comments to Feeding the birds, Weather and Seed collecting.

  • Lorna Peel

    Wispy’s, the discount store on the Boyle Road out of Carrick on Shannon (beside King & Moffatt) has 20kg bags of wild bird seed for €14.99 which is the cheapest I have seen it here. Connaught Gold sells 20kg bags of the same seed for well over €20.

  • I love the seed arrangement on the table!
    On a different note I believe that more and more people are becoming politicized by the fermenting mess that is the Irish financial meltdown…your views are interesting!

  • Thanks for that tip Lorna. Will definetely go for it. Bridget

  • A lot of people becoming very peed off at this point. Our so called taoiseach (no capital, deliberate mistake), has still not had the balls to address The Nation at this time of worry and unsettledness for a lot of people.

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