Let them eat cheese.

I’m not one for making political comments on this blog preferring to concentrate on garden , house and country interests. However, the news that today our government has offered the deprived of this country free cheese is beyond belief to me. Are these people completely disconnected from the concerns, worries and indeed day to day struggles of the Irish people. In an interview yesterday Brian Cowan (the unelected Taoiseach of this country) declared that there was no point in Government ministers  getting rid of their mercs as it would only be a drop in the ocean of our debt. Mr. Cowan, it takes many drops to make up the ocean, each one adding to the mass of water. By the same token each drop taken from the ocean decreases that mass. Get it!   

    Marie Antionette famously said to her people ‘let them eat cake’ and we all know what happened to her!

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