Tis Winter!

Certainly seems like Winter is here, all day the rain is pounding on the windows and the wind is howling through the valley.I have been indoors most of today. Did some work around the house, made marmalade and lots of web-surfing.

Watery Winter sun casts stained glass reflections.

The above piece of stained glass was made by Matthew Black who has opened a Stained Glass Studio in Drumshanbo. His studio is well worth a visit as his work is very original and Matthew is welcoming to all who call.

Lichen covered hawthorn with berries.

There are still lots of berries on the trees although the Rowan berries are long gone,they must be the birdies favourite. The Blackthorn still has lots of sloes and I do want to pick more for making sloe and apple jelly . Traditionally berries would not be picked after Halloween as it was said that the Pooka would have breathed on them. Shall I chance it?


From now on there will be lots of time for cooking and crafts if the weather forecasters are right. Hopefully there will be some dry days when garden work can be continued.

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