Valley views.

Once again it is a beauty of a day, dry and sunny, somewhat cold, but that can be worked round. As we go around doing our daily chores the views are changing by the hour┬ádepending on the weather. I love this aspect of Ireland, it’s constantly changing landscape and how the light changes it from one hour to the next. It is the thing foreign visitors are fascinated by.

The house and garden from top field.

The pic above was taken just as dusk was starting to fall yesterday. Corry Mountain is to the north of the house and even though they cannot be seen in the pic there are an ever expanding number of wind turbines on top of it. We used to quite like them when they were just a few of them but there are about 50 now stretching all the way to Drunkeerin and another 12 going up nearer to Arigna.

Kilronan Mountain is to the south.

If you look closely at the pic above you can see the little mountainside church of Glen. This church was built in 1912, it is seldom used now due to population decline in the area. It is in good repair so it is a pity there are no events there.

Sliabh an Iariann reddened by the setting sun.

Sliabh an Iariann is to the east of us and is the view I observe most as our house faces east. Its name means Iron Mountain and the Halfpenny Bridge in Dublin is reputed to be made with iron from this mountain. No mining is carried out there now.

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