Winter .

Just back from an evening walk with the dogs and boy is it cold out there. Everywhere looks lovely in its white Winter coat but our little road is fairly treacherous for driving on.

Back home as dusk falls.

Earlier in the year, about March I think, we got double glazed panels in our windows. We did’nt have to get new windows, the old glass was taken out, some routing was done and viola a new double glazed panel was inserted. We are reaping the rewards of having this job done now as the heat difference in the house is tangible.

The east-facing side of the house is warmed by the morning sun.

Meanwhile on Corry Mountain work continues, unabated by the bad weather, on the latest crop of wind turbines. There is also planning permission being sought for more turbines on Kilronan Mountain. Overkill I think, especially as wave-power is said to be much more efficient at generating electricity. That would seem a more sensible and less invasive solution for a country surrounded by water.

Wind turbine rising on Corry Mountain.

Lets hope this weather does’nt last too long. I would like to visit the folks in Tipperary before Christmas. Last years Christmas visit happened on 15th January. There is a sense of deja vu about all this.

Our snow-covered drive.

We have’nt been able to get our car up the drive since Friday night. It is a very steep drive so it makes sense to have the car parked at the bottom. Andy did go out today but driving ever so slowly.

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