The Holly and The Ivy.

As the Solstice approaches everything in Nature including ourselves seems to be enjoying the hibernation of deep Winter. Out and about today in the garden it is a very still day. The shortest day, longest night are a little over a week away and it seems like we are waiting with baited breath for this turning point, the change in direction to lenghtening days.

Holly and Ivy Wreath.

It is nice to bring elements of nature indoors at this time. I made this wreath from Holly and Ivy from our land. The Holly is used at Midwinter to symbolise its qualities of goodwill and recovery. It is a tree of protection if planted near the house and also considered a symbol of good luck. Ivy  symbolises the search for the true self, and the wandering of the soul in it’s search for enlightenment.Garden work continues at every opportunity. Today I planted the already sprouting garlic in small pots as the ground is too hard to work now. Garlic likes a period of cold so is best planted in Winter. They will be planted in the earth in Spring when the ground is more receptive. They will have made a strong root system by then.

Freshly dug veg.

The earth thawed enough today to allow the harvesting of parsnips. They are grown outside and have done very well this year. The carrots are grown in the polytunnel so are always accessible. I love carrots and parsnips boiled together and mashed, roasted with other veg is great too. No need for imported, over packaged and pesticide contaminated veg here! It is great too see more and more people getting into growing their own. I have spotted several new polytunnels in our local area recently.

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  • I love the wreath…it is particularly lovely against the blue of the door! Lucky you with the parsnips, I must plant more root veg this next year. I do so agree with you on the previous blog…it really is a damned disgrace what the government have done to the Irish people…we move on, at least, towards a more questioning and awakened society…

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