A rare event.

Wow, the Moon last night was extraordinary. It was so bright here it was just like day, very Narnia like. A truly magical thing to witness. The Night Goddess at her best.

Sun rising this morning.

The next 24 hours see a very rare event indeed. Full Moon, lunar eclipse and of course the Winter Solstice all happening together. Just before sunrise the Full Moon will turn red as it rests above the western horizon. From 6.32am, you will be able to see the Moon gradually darken as the shadow of the Earth is cast upon it. This is the first time in 3 years a total eclipse will be visible from Ireland.It is also the first time in 456 years that Winter solstice and a lunar eclipse are occuring together. A total eclipse will not happen again for 84 years. Set your alarm clocks and observe this magnificient phenomenon, we certainly will.

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