All is Calm, All is White.

This morning we woke up to a white wonderland. A very still overcast day. The sky looks full of it. Our first job in the morning, after lighting the stove, is to milk Enid (the goat), and give all the animals a nice breakfast.

Enid gives a nice bowl of milk every morning.

For a few days now I have been trying to get a pic of a lovely cock pheasant who has been coming for the seeds and grain scattered for the birds. He hears the slightest sound and can run really quickly. Andy managed to get this shot of him this morning through the kitchen window. Nice one.

The snow that fell last night seems different to the stuff that came last weekend. The fresh stuff seems to become compacted and slippy very easily while the earlier stuff did’nt freeze solid and remained powdery all week.

Snow covered garden under heavy sky.

All growth is suspended in the polytunnels now. All the salad stuff is limp from the frost, it will perk up again when the weather improves. We still have carrots and parsnips being harvested. These are great roasted or for lovely nourishing soups.

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