All is white, again.

So here we are snowed in again. Today was meant to be the Winter Fair in Carrick-on-Shannon but it was cancelled due to weather. Have’nt seen this much snow in a long time, everywhere looks really lovely.

Snowy wreath today.

The snow is about six inches deep here. The animals were all at the gate this morning waiting for us to come out and give them brekkie. I feel sorry for all the animals left in fields with no shelter in this weather, it’s just not fair.

Early morning queue.

Thankfully our lot are well cushy in their shed every night. I could’nt sleep at night if our animals were’nt looked after.

Breakfast is served.

The Fair may go ahead tomorrow depending on weather although if I’m honest I’m not very hopeful of that. Anyway we plan to visit a couple of neighbours, take them some cakes, if we don’t get out tomorrow. The rest will be frozen and I’m sure will disappear over time.

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