Christmas Eve.

Tis a most beautiful Christmas Eve here in Arigna. The sky is clear and there isn’t a breath of wind out there. The fairytale landscape promises to stay now until Christmas Day. So nice for the children. I was always wishing for a white Christmas when I was a child. I don’t remember us getting too many though. Today’s kids have it all, two white Christmas’s in a row!

Mist over Lough Allen this morning.

The roads are still treacherous so the Tipperary trip has’nt happened yet. Andy did drive to Carrick-on-Shannon yesterday. The main roads are well gritted but caution is still necessary. I feel so sorry for the people trapped in airports. I think that would be a hellish experience. If the weather forecasters get it right we will hopefully get to Tipp sometime in the coming week. We shall be bringing home another load of hay for our animals from home.

Today we shall walk to our neighbours house for the Christmas visit. It is nice to walk in the cold and then have the appreciation of warmth and cosiness when you return home. Perhaps a little tipple too in the coffee or cocoa!

1 comment to Christmas Eve.

  • Merry Christmas. I remember wishing for the elusive ‘White Christmas’ when I was a child.
    I hope that all the children are making the most of it – it’s good to see the positives.
    It is very pretty out there – even if the roads are dangerous – so I’m making the most of it too.

    I hope that you have a warm and cosy Christmas. XX

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