Farewell 2010

The bees in our porch roof.

These bees were actually a swarm from our hives. I will try to re-hive them in the summer. This picture was taken around June. There was activity from them yesterday though. The weather is finally getting a bit warmer. Our neighbours have daffodils coming up already!.

Keep the homefires burning.

These little beauties are compressed wood pellets. We get them from a company called MERENDA, who are based in Manorhamilton. They give off an amazing heat, and produce very little ash. Throw a couple in the fire along with a bit of wood or coal, and you will be nice n toasty!.

All in all, they,re just another brick in the wall!.

Ah, wind turbines!. I used to like them, now I cant stand the sight of them!. When we 1st moved to Arigna 8 years ago, it was a lovely peaceful valley, with unspoilt views of the countryside. Now, 8 years on, we have to look at these!. They remind me of the marching hammers out of PINK FLOYD’S  “THE WALL”. We can see about 40. There are about 70 of them altogether, stretching from Arigna to Drumkeerin. More are going up. The noise from them is amazing!. On certain nights, it sounds like there is an aircraft out in our yard. Would any of you have a contact number for Mr BIN LADEN!, I have a job I need doing!. Hang on a minute!, Osama has the same surname as some of the people who are putting the turbines up!. VERY STRANGE!!.

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