From a silent Arigna.

All is quiet here today, even the wind turbines are not moving. The only sound is the tinkle from the Arigna river as it meanders below the ice on its journey to  Lough Allen and the mighty Shannon.

Snow covered Monkey Puzzle at Don's place.

We walked up to our friend Don’s house this morning. Two miles (1 there and 1 back) walking through 8 inches of virgin snow certainly gives the legs a good work-out. Very beautiful though, felt quite priveliged to be the first steps through it. On our return home we felt much entitlement to coffee, with a little drop of something to warm us up. The only traffic we have seen today was a neighbours tractor and a jeep. Usually we hear traffic from the top road and also the road at the far side of the river but today is just so silent, almost eerie.

The Arigna River still flowing beneath the ice.

Natalia , who organised the Winter Fair in Carrick-on-Shannon texted this morning to say they were going ahead with the event today, it was cancelled yesterday. We hummed and hawed about whether to try and go or not but after walking down to the road we decided not to chance it. Beneath the snow is very icy and there is some drifting also. Felt bad for Natalia at the disruption of the event as she had put a lot of work into organising it.

Nay, we ain't goin anywhere today!

Andy went to check the bee hives yesterday and was amazed to see that the bees had cleared the snow from the hive opening themselves. Amazing creatures, so self sufficient. Bees do not soil their home so an opening is always left for them to come out and do their bodily functions.

Snowy bee hive. Check out the opening they made.

Keep safe, warm and be happy out there. Revel in the beauty of it all, enjoy the silence.

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