Happy Solstice.

We got up at six to watch the eclipse and were solely disappointed to have the view obscured by cloud and then fog. We did see the beginning of the darkening of the Moon but it was quickly obscured. A glimpse could be seen through binoculars.

Even the garden gate is frozen today.

Today is by far the coldest day we have had, not meant to rise above -3 here. The thaw is meant to start on Christmas Eve, it will be more than welcome. We hope to do a visit to the folks in Tipperary on St. Stephens Day.

Frozen Fatsia.

Now that the Sun has completed its journey to the Southern Hemisphere we can begin to look forward to its return to us in the North. On this the shortest day and longest night our thoughts turn to the return of light, growth and fertility. The obvious manifestation of this will not be visible until Spring, although the days will begin to lenghten from the beginning of January. For now we are trapped in  Winter but in our mind’s eye the return to Spring has begun.

Breaking the ice to get water for animals.

For now we will enjoy the dark nights of our semi-hibernation. Today is a chill-out day here. A bit of cooking, eating, reading and tv watching.

2 comments to Happy Solstice.

  • Hi Bridget, thanks for stopping by my blog and enjoying our solstice eclipse pictures – we were VERY lucky to have such clear skies.

    Its great to meet you – Arigna isn’t too far from us in Leitrim, so once we’re back I might just have to pop up for a visit – some inspiration will be most welcome.

    We’re hoping to do similar to you being as self sufficient as sanity allows – we have about 3 acres to play with, had already started growing some veg .. and plan on fruit and nuts next and a wee forest garden.
    Hopefully, we’ll get the polytunnel back up too.

    I look forward to following the goings on in your natural gardens,

    Enjoy your semi hibernation.

  • You’d be more than welcome to visit. Always great to meet like-minded people. We too have 3 acres which is plenty to be self-sufficient on, at least as much as our climate allows anyway. Have a happy and peaceful Christmas.

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