Sell off of a once great Nation.

Tomorrow’s the day when our government signs away the Nation. For what? For 85billion euros from the IMF. Money they have created out of thin air. It is not backed by anything. It’s just play money. Anyway the EU is getting a good deal. A nice little country with lots of untapped natural resources.

         I do however have some hope that people are waking up. Last night Andy and I attended a talk in The Glens Centre in Manorhamilton given by Jim Corr (yes, he of the band) and Ian R Crane. It was basically an information event called The Final Meltdown. Lots of info that never makes the news channels. Info like the fact (check it out elsewhere) that the Icelandic government did not bail out its banks, they let the bond holders burn. That problem was created by their banks and the government said it was’nt anything to do with them. Iceland is now in recovery! No mention of that on RTE or Sky news.

        Jim Corr has put his head above the parapet to try and inform his country men and women of the truth. He has been ridiculed by some sections of the media but last night he got a standing ovation from the FULL HOUSE present in Manorhamiltom. Yes, people are awakening, at last.

       I could say a lot more about all of this but it is better if you do your own research. Listed are some websites that may be useful:

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