Sunny and Snowy Arigna.

Another beautiful day today, sunny, crisp and still. A real good to be alive day. Lots of birds visiting the feeding station. Two cock pheasants who ran off as soon as we opened the blinds, shy creatures. There are also Chaffinches, Wagtails, Coal Tits, Starlings and Robins.

Early morning visitors.

This morning I am going to pot up some Hot Plum Chutney that cooked on the stove last night. Hopefully the weather will improve and we will get to the Christmas Fair in Carrick-on-Shannon on December 17th and 18th to sell our wares. We were booked into the Fair in Manorhamiltom today but decided not to chance it as our road is very slippy indeed. No point looking for trouble.

I wonder if our postman will make it tomorrow? He did’nt come on Friday and it has’nt improved any since.

Now is a good time to get indoor jobs  that have been on the long finger done. We collecte these walnuts when in Bulgaria in September and did’nt get round to shelling them until yesterday. There are loads of walnut trees planted in Bulgaria and anyone can pick the nuts. Lots of the local people come and collect big sackfuls which they load onto horses and carts. Got a good nut cracker there too for a couple of euros, something you don’t see here. The yield was about one and a half pounds of nuts which will be used in cakes and muffins. Nice! The shells make a nice crackle and flame in the stove. No waste.

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