The deed is done!

So they have done it! Yesterday the Budget 2011 was passed by the Dail. I had a spark of hope that their consciences would be pricked and the Budget would be defeated. Not a chance. The opposition went through the motions of opposing it but they knew it was a done deal. So while the most vunerable in society struggle to survive on the rapidly reducing benefits, our Taoiseach has taken a salary cut of 14,ooo euros. What a man, he and his family can live nicely on 214,ooo while others don’t even get the amount his salary was reduced by. The Vintners are happy, no increase in alcohol prices. Alcohol was never as cheap in this country. Are they hoping we will drink ourselves into a stupified state of unawareness at what’s going on. The Universal Social Charge will apply to anyone earning over 4,004 euros while the people earning fortunes from horses and greyhounds will go untaxed.

       Our friends in AIB can fend for themselves, they are giving themselves 40 million in bonuses. Nice.

        Glens Centre Manorhamilton, Monday 13th December 7pm. Admission 10euro.

         Jim Corr and Ian R Crane.

                         THE FINAL MELTDOWN

                       The End of a once great Nation.

                      Financial Terrorism…Exposed.

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