Weather, weather.


It was so cold last few nights, even the dogs want to be wrapped up and cosy. Lettie loves her blanket and in milder weather when they sleep outside she still has to be covered well. Went out walking again this afternoon, not quite as cold as yesterday. Visited our neighbours and of course the chat was all about the weather. According to forecast for the coming week  the thaw is to start on Christmas Eve. St. Stephens Day is meant to be 10c according to one forecast on the web. Someone else had the news that we are to have 12 hard Winters in a row. So only 10 more to go! I think we shall have snow tyres next year.A local folk belief is that the weather for the coming year can be predicted by observing the weather for the 12 days of Christmas. So if the first day of the 12 is fine then it follows that the first month of the coming year will be fine, and so on. I shall be observing with great interest. Keep warm, happy and content.

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