Winter musings.

A bitterly cold day here today. We have been out for a walk earlier and I think the rest of the day will be spent indoors. The snow on the lane is becoming compacted by the jeeps and tractors so I walked in the middle of the road. I always wonder why dogs love snow? I always think their paws will be frozen but they don’t seem affected at all.

Blue Sky through Sycamore Crown.

The bright days are great for taking photographs and I take the camera with me on every excursion. There is a big cock pheasant coming to get the grain we throw on the ground for the birds. He has been coming since Monday but every time he hears a sound he runs away. Tried to snap him yesterday from upstairs window but he copped me. I will keep trying.

Eye of donkey.

The goats and donkey are always watching for food too in his weather. Every time we go out someone is at the gate looking for titbits. At night we fill the mangers with hay and they have a straw bed so they are cosy enough. The water bucket froze in the shed for the last few nights so they are mad for water in the mornings. Hay makes them thirsty. I had to use an axe to break the ice on the outside water trough this morning.

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  • The water in the hen house is frozen every morning, but I check them early…and a rodent[at least I think that’s what it is] has been chewing holes in the floor of the hen house…to steal food I suspect! it’s so terribly cold… All set for Sat then?

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