Growth begins again.

Jasmine about to flower.

The forecast was for 12 degrees celsius here today and I can well believe it. Went for a walk earlier and it was mild enough to only need a sleeveless jacket, even that was too much when I’d walked a bit. Lots of new growth visible on flowers and in the production garden. The winter onion sets planted in October have about 3 inches of growth. Chives are also showing new shoots.Ragged Jack Kale.

Kale is a great plant for any garden and it is ornamental enough to go in a flower border. Great to have some green to eat at this time of year. This plant is growing outside and is doing just as good as the ones in the polytunnel. Amazing resilience.

Cuttings taken last September.

Last Autumn I took lots of cuttings of alpine plants and am pleased to say that they are all showing signs of growth. Plants for free, I love that. We intend to make a gravel garden in front of the house when the weather gets a little drier. It’s always nice to have to have a new project in the planning.

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