January Musings.

Blackrock Pond.

Driving home from Carrick-on-Shannon today we just had to stop at Blackrock Pond. It looked so beautiful in the early afternoon sun with the perfect blue sky reflected in the mirror like surface. 

Ferns growing on Hawthorn.

The hedgerows are pretty bare at the moment. The birds have eaten all the berries by now, and there is’nt much new growth visible yet, although beneath the earth plants are waiting for milder days to burst forth with vigour as they do every year. The continuing cycle of life.

Evergreens like Ivy and Ferns provide us with green throughout the year. It is at this time of year that they really get noticed, usually they are background plants, now is their time to take centre stage. There are about 7,000 varieties of Fern, both evergreens and decidious types. These perennial flowerless plants are some of the oldest plants on planet Earth. They are ideal for areas of damp, shade, under trees and on north side of houses. There are also ferns to suit mild tropical conditions but my faves are the ones that grow wild in the local hedgerows.

New growth on Malva Moschata.

Lots of growth in the garden at the moment, especially in sheltered spots. Tulips and Daffodils in pots have about 2 inches of growth. Plants like the Malvas, Asters, Hypericum and even the more tender Dianthus all have new growth showing. In the polytunnels the Winter Caulis have taken off again, and the salad crops are looking a bit more perky. Yesterday we pruned the vine and gave it a good mulch of manure. If you have a vine don’t leave it too late to prune it as it can “bleed” if you prune it after the sap has risen.

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