Bulbs, Sheds and Charity Shops.

There is a dusting of snow here again this morning and it is very cold. However, I am really feeling the garden ready to burst forth again despite whatever the weather may throw at it. Bulbs are already poking their heads through.

Lots of bargain bulbs to be got in the shops at the moment. I got the above lot in Homebase in Sligo for a euro per packet. Alliums,Crocus and Irises will add lots of Spring colour to the new beds we are making when the frost goes. It may seem a bit late to be planting bulbs but this lot are already sprouted so have a head start. They were planted in pots yesterday and will be planted out when the space is ready. Did it this way last year and it worked a treat.

The other job we have been doing this week was cleaning out and tidying our sheds. All the tools are now hanging up so no more shifting everything to get at what you’re after. Bits of metal, broken tools, old paint tins and old electrical items were all taken to the recycling centre in Boyle. It only costs 3.50 per car load there and everything goes for recycling.

Daffodils already up!

Whilst in Boyle we of course did the usual charity shop trek. Got chatting with the woman who runs the Alzheimers charity shop and she told me that before the shop opened they were helping 15 families in the Roscommon area. With the additional funds the shop has brought they are now able to help an additional 70 families. Is’nt that brill, I could’nt believe it. So if you don’t already, do check out your local charity shop. You never know what treasures are hiding there, and of course you are helping real people rather than living the pockets of the globalisation fat cats.

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