Compost, the life blood of any garden run on organic principles. It is an amazing transformation of dead and decaying plant material returning their vitality to the new plants of the coming season. Well made compost retains moisture, improves soil structure and releases nutrients slowly into the soil. Artificial fertilisers feed the plant only, not the soil.

Over the last few years we have always made our compost bins from old pallets. However, they are not that long lasting, usually rotting away in a year or two. Last year we experimented with using the bags in which the recycled wooden briquettes we use in our stove come in. They are about three feet square so are an ideal size. All our garden and uncooked kitchen waste go in these bags, also some animal manure which is a great activator for the pile. Of course the best activator for any compost heap is human urine, it is very high in nitrogen.

During the lovely Spring- like days of last week we uncovered our compost piles and were delighted to find lovely dark, crumbly compost. Priceless stuff! We topped up the tractor tyres which are planted with fruit trees and over the coming weeks the rest of this black gold will be used to top-up the veg beds and dug into the soil in the polytunnels. All thisĀ in readiness for the seeds and plants needing nourishment in the coming seasons to provide us with an abundance of produce once again. How fortunate we are!

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