From a wet and windy Arigna.

East facing window.

As I sit here on this wet and windy January day I am thankful for the cosiness of the house and being able to hibernate on days like this. Andy just gone to get animal feed from Gordon Bush who lives about a mile at the other side of Arigna. Fortunate indeed to be able to get organic feeds so close by. Check it out on

Yesterday a friend came to visit and have some lunch. Colette has a wonderful inspirational permaculture garden near Keadue. In five years she has created a wildlife haven as well as a very productive fruit and veg garden from three acres of boggy and rushy Roscommon land. Her blog is www.permaculturecottage.wordpress.

Walking around the different garden areas here I was telling of my gardening plans for the coming year. At the front of the house it is planned to make a gravel garden as soon as weather allows. In one area where the water sits we had planned to put in some drainage, however, Colette, in true permaculture style said “why not make a pond there.” It was an idea that had not occured to either of us. Brilliant, a pond it shall be then. The benefits of like-minded people exchanging ideas with each other.

4 comments to From a wet and windy Arigna.

  • I’m going to HAVE to post pics of those vegetables you gave me yesterday…the parsnip is gigantic. You are without a doubt the best vegetable grower in the North West of Ireland!

  • Its wet and windy here too, in Northern Ireland.

    You speak of familiar people – we got our organic feed from Gordon when were in Leitrim and we’ve been to visit Colette’s beautiful garden and become friends with her.

    I’m hoping that we’ll get back in March to finish the house and tend to the garden again.

    I’ve met such lovely people in the area .. and your post has me missing them!

    It is truly wonderful to have like minded people around to share ideas with.

    I look forward to that when I return.

  • Well thank you very much.

  • Yes, the North-West is a special place, it seems to draw people from all walks of life but with interests in common. I love it.

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