Planting Bluebells.

We have long thought that Bluebells would  look lovely in this small wooded area beside the house. Went to Woodies in Carrick-on-Shannon and there they were on sale, 75% off, we bought all that was left, 11 packs, 20 in each pack, 220 bulbs.

This area gets full sun for a good part of the day so whilst other areas remain frozen this spot is usually frost free by noon. Ever keen to get some garden work in we planted up the bulbs yesterday. We started at about one o clock, and all were planted an hour and a half later.

We made a separate hole for each bulb to give them a good chance of success. Andy used a bulb planter which takes out a plug of soil, the bulb is then dropped into the hole and the soil plug goes back on top. By the time the job was done the bulb planter was ready for the bin, it just fell apart! Anyway it got the job done. 

I used my new potting trowel which stood up to the job better or maybe I did’nt work it as hard! Fingers crossed now that we will get some Bluebells this Spring. Bluebells require little care and are very hardy plants. They naturalize wonderfully and spread quickly. We allowed about 3 inches between bulbs and planted them in drifts. A nice bluebell wood in a few years, would’nt that be cool!

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