Pruning and planting.

Pruning Elder.

Busy, busy time in the garden at the moment. Any pruning needs to be finished soon while the plants are still dormant, also the nesting season will be beginning soon, so pruning must be done by then. Grapevines and roses can bleed if pruned too late, ie when sap is rising. The Elders I pruned today were blocking the sun from part of the garden so they will now be kept clipped to hedge height.

Piles of prunings make great insect hides.

All the garden prunings, rotten wood and plant debris not suitable for the compost bin goes in a pile where it will make a good habitat for garden creatures. They will in turn add to the bio-diversity of the garden and some will dine on garden pests like aphids and slugs. A benificial relationship for all.

Heated propagater.

Some seeds have already been planted. Tomatoes and Aubergines are in this little propagater which I bought for about 25 euros, 3 years ago, from Lidl. It has paid for itself many times over since then. In the polytunnel I have planted sweet peas, lettuces and some early peas. Winter cauliflowers planted last Autumn are putting on plenty of growth. Purple Sprouting Broccoli has also taken off. Oh, the anticipation of it all, I never tire of it.

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