Beetroot chutney

Is’nt beetroot a beautiful colour, I just love it. This beetroot was planted last Autumn and I dug it up during the week as it would start to go to grow again if left in the ground any longer. This lot was turned into chutney, which is really nice. Here’s the recipe if you want to try it:
Beetroot Chutney.
1kg/2lb 4ozs raw beetroot 350g/12ozs onions 450ml cider vinegar 350g/12ozs cooking apples
225g/8ozs sultanas 1 heaped teaspoon pickling spice 350g/12ozs sugar

Wash and cook beetroot without breaking the skin as this would cause it to “bleed”. When cool, peel and dice. Place cider vinegar in saucepan, add pickling spice, bring to boil. Boil for about 3 minutes, then leave to infuse until cool. Meanwhile peel and chop onions, peel, core and chop apples. Place in large saucepan with already prepared beetroot. Add sugar and sultanas. Strain vinegar to remove pickling spices. Add to pan. Heat gently, stirring well until sugar is dissolved. Boil steadily until chutney is thick. Pot and seal.
This recipe gives a mild tasting chutney which is especially good with cheese. If you want a spicier chutney add a quarter to half a teaspoon of chili powder to the mix before cooking.

5 comments to Beetroot chutney

  • Without a doubt Bridget, you never cease to amaze me!Beetroot!

  • Rainer

    Oh, by the way, Bridget, would you give me your dough-recipe for your lovely quiches? Have tried different dough recipes but haven’t been convinced yet. No problem with the filling. Have tried several of your posted recipes, they are all veryvery nice! Even Rainer says so….! Love, Doris

  • I don’t use a recipe for the dough. It is basic shortcrust pastry, I always use butter and organic flour. Next time we visit I will show how I make it.

  • Yum. We have a bit of a glut of beetroot in our allotment at the moment, so this looks just the thing to use a few up. I love having jars of preserves lined up ready for the winter too. So far we have pickled onions, courgettes and cauliflower, blackcurrant jam, bramble jelly, marrow preserve and rhubarb jam. So much more satisfying than just freezing everything: my freezer is too small anyway.

  • Have you ever tried juicing beetroot?. Tis a really good body cleanser and gives you loads of energy!. The only problem is trying to drink the stuff without gagging!.

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