Garden Work on a cold February Day.

So much rain has fallen here in the last week, the earth is saturated and unworkable. The Arigna river is in full flow trying to cope with all the water from the mountains. We can hear its rush from our back door. Still the Spring is progressing, Hazel and Willow catkins are out, days are getting longer.

Managed to get some work done yesterday despite the weather. Put out a lot of plants that had been overwintering on the tables in the tunnels. The space is needed now for new sowings and hopefully the hard frosts are finished. Lots of Foxglove plants which I grew from a packet of seeds sown last Summer. They are meant to be mixed colours so should be lovely. I think they should flower this year. Foxgloves are biennials flowering in their second year.

The little propogater is kept full, took out these Tomato plants yesterday and potted them on. They might seem a bit small for potting on but I find they come on well if transplanted early. The variety is Moneymaker which some people say is a bit bland, I have not found this to be the case. Of course the flavours of everything is better when grown organically. We are really working towards having early crops this year. Last year Tomatoes did’nt ripen until August. Earlier crops mean less to be bought=food independence=our ultimate goal.

As it is still fairly chilly I made a cosy little housey for the Tomato plants. The south facing side of the box is cut away to allow the plants to get lots of light and sunshine (yeah, I’m an optimist). They will be covered with fleece at night. These polystyrene boxes are really useful in the garden as they hold heat, polystyrene used to be used for insulating houses, and the white is light reflective. They can be picked up free from fishmongers. Cabbage, lettuce and two types of parsley, flat-leaved and curly, were also sown in modules. I prefer planting most things in modules rather than seed trays as I think stronger plants result.

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  • i’ve got two weeks off work to ‘do’ the garden. hence the bad weather….as soon as I book time off work you know thats when its going to hit……

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