Planting by the Moon.

Just in after a fab day spent in the garden. It was’nt very sunny but I found it a good day for working. The main emphasis was on sowing seeds. The Moon is full on Saturday, so the time is right for the sowing of vegetables that mature with the edible part above ground, forming seeds on the inside of the plant. Tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, peas and beans are examples of this. Leaf crops are also planted before the Full Moon. The days after full moon are considered best for sowings of plants that produce their edible plants below ground. This lunar planting is part of the bio-dynamic system.

Research has shown that seeds absorb more moisture at the time of the Full Moon. Plants respond to the same gravitational pull that affects the tides, and indeed ourselves too are affected by the Moon. Seeds sprout quickly and plants do not go to seed as rapidly. Nights are also brighter at Full Moon, I am sure this also helps stimulate quicker germination and leaf and root growth. Full Moon and New Moon days are considered “barren” so no sowings should occur on those days.The other job of the day was the digging up of the root vegetables left from last season. If left in the ground any longer they would start to grow again and eventually go to seed. If any roots vegetables are to be left for seed do choose the largest as these will give better seed. They will grow into very large plants before producing seeds in the Summer.

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  • I have a friend who runs an organic market garden who I have learned a million things from. I have been out with her planting, seeds or plants, with her at various and strange hours of the day or night according to her bio-dynamic calenders. it was fun and her garden is a fabulous place.

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