St. Bridget’s Day.

So it is here, the first day of Spring, Imbolc, St. Bridget’s Day. Traditionally a time when our thoughts turn to land based activities, sowing seeds and preparing the soil. A time to leave behind the dark, thought filled days of Winter. The land and plant life is awakening and we too will emerge along with the longer days. The return of light is so welcome, rejoice in it’s return.

Bridget herself  has always been portrayed as a very warm-hearted and charismatic woman. In her time she was known as a cultured and influential person, she had a love for the land and is particularly associated with cows. She was also reputed to have been the best mead and ale maker in the country.

St. Bridget’s crosses are still made by school children around the country.It’s great to see these old tradition being carried on. The rushes for making the crosses were gathered on the night of Bridget’s Eve and the crosses made that night. They were then placed above doorways and in the animal houses as omens of protection. Happy St. Bridget’s Day.

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