Paths and Bats!

Here we are, 1st of March already. Yesterday was a beautiful day here, working all day outside, today looks set to be even better. Happy St. Davids Day to all you Welsh people out there. I just love the Welsh flag with that dragon on.

One of the jobs completed yesterday was the laying of a new path in the big polytunnel. Stone had been laid on this path a few years ago but as no membrane was laid the stone just sank into the earth. The path tended to be a bit slippy when wet, nearly went a.o.t. a few times.

This time round we laid down a membrane which I think is called taram. Picked this up for free down in Tipperary. It is used by Bord na Mona under their narrow gauge railway tracks across the bogs to stop them sinking ito the soft earth. The seem to discard it after one use. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth I picked this up when on a bog walk with my brother and nephew. It is water permeable so works great for paths.

The small stone used was also a freebie, I won’t say from where! End result: nice stone pathway that is much safer and nice to walk on although it does make a crunching noise as you walk. I’m sure we will become accustomed to that.

To round off the day we had an unexpected visitor last night. This little bat flew in through the open bathroom window and could’nt find his way out again. It took ages to catch him as he kept flying about, I suppose the poor thing was terrified. He was eventually caught in a towel and released to join his companions who live in the roof  of the house. They never bother us apart from they odd one like this who comes in through an open window by mistake. They are actually useful creatures to have about as each one consumes about 3,000 midges each night.

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