Free plants!

Cuttings of Sedum spectablis.

Lots of propogation going on here at the moment. Most perennials need to be divided and reset about every 3 years, otherwise clumps start to die out in the centre. Lots of free plants are obtained from this process. Phlox, Japenese Anemones,Alchemilla and Yarrow are some being divided here at the moment. Sedums are a great favourite of mine and are a very easy plant to propogate. Sedum spectablis gives great colour in Autumn at a time when other things are dying off. The flower heads are a magnet for butterflies. A well drained site in full sun is where they succeed best, they also do well in pots. The cuttings pictured above will be planted into their final position in a few weeks to flower in the coming Autumn.

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