Growth has begun!

Dicentra spectabilis.

The good weather of the last few weeks has encouraged the garden to come to life again after the long Winter here in the north west. Although we had very low temperatures, down as far as-18c, we did’nt lose as many plants as last year. The only difference I can think of is the break in the frost. It froze hard from end of November to first week in December then we had a two week break before it returned again. Last year it was constant for about a month. Many gardening books say that the Dicentra pictured above is tender, as you can see it is not the case. So much of gardening is down to your own personal trials. If the gardening books tell you a plant is’nt for your area, experiment anyway, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Damson tree underplanted with Lady's Mantle.

All of the fruit trees have survived and are now budding. The Damson pictured is one I grew from a seed from a locally established tree. I am looking forward to it producing it’s first fruits. Maybe it will be this year!

Budding Apple tree, underplanted with Sage and Chives.

The fruit trees planted in tractor tyres last year, because of heavy wet soil, are all doing well now. The tyres have been topped up with garden compost and all the space will be utilized as the year progresses. Last year I grew Pumpkins in them.


The Blackcurrants are budding too, they always give a good crop. They do very well in the soil and weather we get here. Blackcurrants can tolerate poor drainage better than other soft fruits but do require organic- rich soil and some shelter from wind. We grow Ben Lomond and Baldwin, two varieties bred in Scotland. Jostaberry, a Blackcurrant x Gooseberry hybrid, also does well in the conditions here. It makes a good fruit for jam.

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