Lough Key Forest Park.

Looks like the Everglades!

We are fortunate indeed to have a facility like Lough Key Forest Park not to far from us, it’s about a twenty five minute drive from Arigna. The park is 4 kms from the town of Boyle and consists of 860 acres of forest and open parkland.

Some amazing trees reside there.

There are approximately 10 km of  pathways through forest and by lakeshore. The park was formerly part of the Rockingham Estate. The big house is long gone but the old stable yard and derelict church are still there. On fine days it’s great to see lots of people out walking, picnicking in Summer and of course everyone likes to feed the always present ducks and occasional swans. I like walking there on not so fine days sometimes when hardly anyone is there and the forest is quiet. Its on days like that that you may be lucky enough to spot the elusive and shy deer who reside there.

Pillar of Fairy Bridge.

You may come across the Fairy Bridge on your walk. Apparently it is so called because each of these pillars once held a sculpture of a  Fairy. After the Troubles in the 1920s the story is that they were removed and sold to wealthy Americans. What a shame!

The Fairy Bridge.

In Autumn the park is a great place to forage for chestnuts, hazelnuts and acorns. Apparently acorns are a very good protein food for chickens in Winter, they must be ground first but they’re free so would it would worth trying. Last Summer I collected wild raspberries there, they were so delicious, even nicer than the cultivated ones.

2 comments to Lough Key Forest Park.

  • I love Lough Key Forest Park.

    We camped there a couple of times when we were searching for sites a couple of years ago.

    It can be quite magical.

  • I love the place too and played there as a child when it was still called Rockingham.
    We used to pretend that the trees (like the ones you have photographed here) were horses and we had great adventures on those valiant steeds 🙂
    We were also told that the water found in the hollows of the Fairy Bridge would remove warts if you dipped your hand in however I can’t remember whether this ever worked!

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