Replacing fascia board ( Part 2 ).

Wood preserver on new fascia.

Make sure you always coat untreated timber with wood preserver. Your wood will last a lot longer. I had the fascia, a length of 2×1 and a length of 3×2 to coat. I coated them all twice. The top of the joists are 3 inches below the roof, so I joined the lengths of 2×1 and 3×2 together to make up the difference. The 2×1 was nailed to the 3×2, and then they were both nailed to the back of the fascia.

Lengths attached to back of fascia.

The wood on the back of the fascia will sit nicely on top of the joists. A nail through the fascia into the front of every 2nd joist, along with the roof being screwed down into wood on back, will hold it well in place.

Fascia in position.

Because the new fascia is now flush with the shed wall, it is roughly 6 inches farther back than it used to be. This means I have to cut the roof to make sure it hangs over the gutter correctly when it is re-hung.

Metal blade in jigsaw.

Nearly there!.

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