Wet day musings!

Outside work continues here despite the weather. At least it’s only a drop of rain and a bit of cold, pity those poor people in Japan at the moment. They have so much to cope with. Loss of life, homes, businesses and infrastructure. It puts everything here into perspective.

I did some baking this morning, could’nt face going out too early. Made a couple of loaves of brown bread and some banana scones which we had for lunch.They were lush! Andy has been out there in the rain cleaning the polytunnel. It’s so much easier in the rain. I had done the bottom but could’nt reach the top, it’s a high polytunnel. Anyway Andy wanted to use the new ladders we got at Lidl on Thursday. They can be used as a scaffold or as an ordinary ladder. Good value I think at 69.99euros.

Yesterday I went to Strabraggan Primary School where I teach the children about gardening once a week. I really enjoy it, the children have such enthuasism. It was raining yesterday, quelle surprise, so we planted daffodil bulbs in pots. It might seem a bit late for planting daffs but they are well sprouted so will flower in a few weeks. Each child planted one bulb in a little pot to take home. They were so happy with this treasure. Children are easily pleased, well, sometimes anyway! We also planted three big pots with bulbs, they will stay in the school garden. When the daffodils die down we can plant some annuals in there.Managed to snap this little frog in the little pond at the end of the polytunnel. Was so happy to see him in residence there. This pond was only dug last year, it measures only 3ft by 2ft, but if the surrounding nature is happy with it it must be o.k. Nature always lets you know if it’s right. It won’t reside where the environment is’nt suitable.

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